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Bio-Practica Magnesium Diasporal Sachets 5.5g x 20 Pack

MAGNESIUM Diasporal® is a clinically trialled high strength magnesium, which has rapid absorption into the cells to improve the body’s magnesium levels fast. Studies show MAGNESIUM Diasporal®, has excellent absorption into the plasma plus proven bioavailability into the cells.

  • 99% of the body’s magnesium is needed inside the cell making it essential to choose a form of magnesium which has proven intracellular bioavailability
  • MAGNESIUM Diasporal® contains an organic form of magnesium, which is less dependent on hydrochloric acid for digestion
  • MAGNESIUM Diasporal® sachets provide precise and convenient high dose magnesium delivery
  • MAGNESIUM Diasporal® contains only pure magnesium with no competing nutrients
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Sugar-free, naturally sweetened with Stevia & xylitol
  • Great tasting – excellent compliance.
  • Gluten & Dairy free
  • Vegan friendly

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