My work is about understanding ourselves beyond the conditioned mind. Through a range of prescribed international retreats, I support you to use the human experience (physical, emotional and mental) to go beyond existing limitations and beliefs to unite body, mind, spirit.

Sometimes making a lasting change requires you to step outside of your day to day life; to create space for reflection and focus your energy solely on the most important person in your life – you.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the uninterrupted physical and mental space where, you can invest quality time in being with your Self. However, to recharge, reconnect, and realign with what you truly want in life, you must take (and make) the time.

This is why for the past 10 years I have led international retreats in Costa Rica, Bali and and Thailand. The retreats are limited to small group numbers with the intention to foster a deep, enriching and supportive connection with one another. Intimate group sizes allow us to fully immerse ourselves in inspiring and relaxing locations, while doing The Work.

Through my prescribed retreats, I have empowered hundreds of people to live with optimal health and wellbeing, including some of Australias top TV personalities, athletes, journalists and business leaders.

Our sanctuary retreat, is a favourite amongst my clients as it support you to recalibrate, reconnect with yourself and get to where you truly want to be.


 Sanctuary helped me get really really clear about what I wanted with my life, and the results were … I still kind of cant believe them. Some kind of energy shifted that weekend; it changed everything.” – Sanctuary attendee

The time has come to reconnect with your true potential. It is time to be passionate about life; to open yourself up to true happiness in your career, family and personal wellbeing.

Sanctuary is a two-day retreat, where I lead a small group through a personal journey of transformation. Harnessing the complimentary power of science and natural remedies, I support you with a repertoire of teachings, practices and activities that will help you live from optimum health and wellness.

The retreat program utilises 24 years of expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, reiki, massage, yoga, guided meditations and of course, personalised coaching.

In two-days, I empower you with the information that has enabled me to become the sought-after practitioner and public speaker I am today.

The Sanctuary Retreat has run in many locations, from the idyllic rural setting of Werribee Mansion in Melbourne to the tranquil shores of Bali.

 We are yet to finalise the dates and location for the next Sanctuary Retreat. However, if you’re ready to go to the next level of consciousness, please register your interest—limited spots available! Get in touch here.