Continue your Evolution — 48 week program

Let's take a moment to celebrate the transformation you have undergone. Let's appreciate the dissolution of the old way of being that no longer served you, yet brought you to where you are today.

It's time to acknowledge the commitment, dedication, love and courage you have given towards your journey of awakening. Not everyone will consciously choose to face their limitations and rise. YOU, my majestic soul, have consciously chosen to embody love, light and joy. 

Now that you have completed your 8-week program, I invite you as one the select few to continue with your evolution, with me as your guide. 

Uncover more of your magnificence, create your reality as you envision it; truly know what it is to live a miraculous life.

This 52-week coaching program is a sacred journey and a commitment made from the deepest part of your soul. As we meet weekly to untether from old energy and limiting programming, imagine the transformations that will follow on from working together for an entire year. If you believe you have a function in the world to raise consciousness, it starts with this program; with you. This journey is the greatest adventure you will ever take in your life. By application and invitation only.