Biohawk Pine Crush - 35grams


A concentrated form of DigestEasy is freeze dried to give DigestEasy Powder that is stable at ambient temperatures. It too is not so spicy as Relief.

How do I take DigestEasy Powder? The pack has 4 sachets of 4g Powder.  One sachet is added to water to make up to 250mL in a clean bottle, which is stored in the refrigerator for up to 30 days or stored frozen for up to 3 years. Drink 0.5mL per 3Kg body weight morning and night after meals. In some circumstances, drink 1mL per 3Kg three times (x3) a day after meals.  It can be taken with a small volume of juice.

Ingredients: Dry powder of an aqueous extract of Biohawk’s special blend of ginger spices from the family Zingiberaceae.

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