Biohawk Digest Easy - 750ml


DigestEasy, an aqueous extract of the gingers, which is sold frozen but used from a refrigerator.  Its activity is standardized at a level that makes it easy to measure out for taking after meals and for using in food preparation.  It is not so spicy as the powders.

How do I take DigestEasy? Experience has shown DigestEasy is best taken after breakfast and after dinner at an amount related to your body weight: 10mL DigestEasy for 60Kg body weight twice a day, and proportionally less or more depending on your weight.  The level can be increased up to 20mL after 3 meals for 60Kg body weight for more serious conditions. It can be taken with a SMALL volume of juice but do not dilute greatly.

Ingredients: An aqueous extract of Biohawk’s special blend of ginger spices from the family Zingiberaceae.

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